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Juice! It had been, sadly, a very long time since I had made fresh juice at home…like years! So, all around me, friends, coworkers, clients…they all were juicing…maybe more intensely than I plan to, but juicing just the same. So, it got me really wanting to get back into this simple, delicious and healthy, ugh…trend […]


I’m back where I’ve come from! Philly! It is effing cold @_@ This is gonna be a quick one, because I am tired! And, I’ll be getting up early to go to Green Eggs Cafe, where they apparently have an amazing vegan breakfast! I LOVE, LOVE vegan breakfast! It’s my favorite! French toast, tofu scramble, […]

M Cafe Macrotize Me Challenge!

I won! I suggested that they macrotize lasagna and they chose it! Yay! So I won a beautiful gift basket and gift certificates and now I am on my way, with my mama to go taste the winning dish! I cannot wait! I will of course be taking some beautiful pictures of this delicious meal […]


Ah Sunday…the one day where I get to do a little something extra with meal time!  So, today I decided to make some pancakes, tempeh bacon and a light sautéed kale, with oyster mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. Just to let you know, I chose to make this meal instead of doing my laundry…I made the […]

Spicy jackfruit tacos with crunchy Alabama slaw and fresh corn and black eyed pea salad with tangy mustard vinaigrette

That’s a mouthful! Ok, I know I promised no more extremely long stints away from the blog, but things have just been a bit of crazy these last few months!  This is a food blog I know, so I wont bore you with ALL the details, but I want to share with my friends and […]

St. Patrick’s Day!

Irish potatoes These little “potatoes” were a favorite growing up in our Irish home.  I really just remember having them around this time of year.   I don’t think my Mama Celeste ever made em, rather we’d get them from a little shop not too far from the grandparents house.  Good times.   I must […]

Cupcake Wars!!!

Very excited to be posting this…tonight in less than an hour, The Food Network will be airing an all vegan Cupcake Wars!!! Very exciting! I know I promised a new recipe but because of this special episode I’m bringing back what might have been my fave cupcake ever! A not too oldie but such a […]


LOVE!!! So, I’m back!  I have to apologize for my long hiatus, but travels, holidays, sickness, work and performing had halted all blogging…but no more will I go this long again! Firstly, there’s this… Because love is in the air and whatnot, todays song/video is a pretty special one.  This is my and hubs “song” like, THE […]

Things to come

Things have been pretty crazy lately over here at the house of crush! Ive been working on some exciting new recipes and I just ordered some new lights, so I can get back to doin photos the way I used to. Also we were back in Philly for the holidays eating all kinds of yummy […]


Not doing the traditional vegan feast that we usually do since my bro moved away and hubs will be working all day…it would’ve been sad to cook everything all alone, so I will be going to one of my lovely clients house. I of course cannot show up empty handed, so I will be making […]