So, I’m back!  I have to apologize for my long hiatus, but travels, holidays, sickness, work and performing had halted all blogging…but no more will I go this long again!

Firstly, there’s this…

Because love is in the air and whatnot, todays song/video is a pretty special one.  This is my and hubs “song” like, THE one.  Its a classic, its beautiful and it is very special to us.

Stand By Me, Ben E. King

Now, onto business.  This entry is not what you are used to from The Vegan Crush.  I have no recipe to share today, rather experiences, excitement and love for what I am going to officially call my favorite restaurant!  I said it!  I won’t take it back!

I am so excited to tell you that hubs and I finally got around to making reservations last week (something we never do) for Valentines Day dinner (another thing we never do) but I just could not miss out on what I am sure will be a beautiful, well thought out and delicious meal.  The only reason we are going out is to have the V-day special at Shojin.

Now, this entry is not really about V-day dinner, but the past dinners and experiences that we have had here.  The food at Shojin is really unbelievably good, but what puts them over the top is the way they treat you from the moment you step in to this beautifully warm restaurant. They honestly, every single time make us feel like part of their family…its a wonderful thing.  They’ve even at times just randomly knew that we would show up, so they had “our table” ready and waiting!  I can’t tell you how amazing that feels!

Now, onto the food, because I know that’s what you all come here for!

You’ll have to excuse the dark and blurred photos…I’m not fancy enough for an Iphone so these are all you’re gettin!

Our first favorite that we always, always order,

Pirates of the Crunchy

Pirates of the Crunchy

So much flavor and texture…I really don’t know how they do what they do!


Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice Cracker

Again, I’m a big fan of textures and this has crisp, crunch and smooth velvety texture all at the same time with just a bit of heat!


Goodness…these are just the beginning of what they have to offer!  These items are the ones we order every single time without fail…usually with something new and different each time!


Anyhow, I will certainly have more to post about after our beautiful dinner at Shojin tomorrow evening.  Please do yourself a favor and also all of your skeptical friends who don’t understand how sushi can be vegan and head to Shojin…NOW!



333 S. Alameda St. Suite 310
(Little Tokyo Shopping Center 3F)
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 213-617-0305



Until we eat again, enjoy!



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