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Good times last night indeed. A couple of friends and I had been planning this potluck for what seemed like years!  The plan was to shop for the ingredients together and give a little lesson in vegan cooking.  Finally it happened, only sadly one of my gals was sick and didn’t make it, so it […]

Mac and Cheese!

Finally, the complete recipe for my mac and cheese…THE best mac and cheese you’ll ever eat…EVER! I’m currently waiting to hear back from the Daiya website to see if my video for their “Get cooking contest” will be posted on their youtube channel.  This is the recipe I submitted.  I have only about 3 days […]

“Chicken” salad

Tonight is the 3rd time this month that I have made this “chicken” salad!  That shows how much I love it!  It’s amazing as a sandwich, but just as yummy on a nice arugula salad.  Try both ways and tell me what you like better! 1 (12 oz) package Yves Meatless Ground Turkey 1 tbsp vegetable […]

Daiya contest

I was just searching vegan cooking videos on youtube and I came across the Daiya cooking contest!   Now as you may know, Daiya is the best invention EVER created for us vegans!  Its a soy free “cheese” that melts and stretches and tastes amazing! So, I have decided that I need to make my […]