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More birthday stuff!

Today, the birthday celebrating continues!!!  I’m currently baking cookies, which will be coming with us to the movies tonight…Jackie Brown!  But before the movie, we’re going to my favorite restaurant Real Food Daily, where I’m sure I’ll be at least getting the nachos…that is always a constant. I’m pretty excited for tonight, since Jackie Brown […]


So, I came home to a mysterious package on my doorstep this afternoon…I hadn’t ordered anything that I could remember, so I was a bit confused…now, my birthday is tomorrow, so I first thought Shawn had ordered me something, but again, it was addressed to me, so what the eff is it gonna be??  Turns […]


The end all be all of lasagnas!  I kid you not. I created my original recipe about 7 or so years ago.  Back then, there were not as many amazing products for vegans as there are now…especially as far as cheese is concerned.  So, this recipe has been tweaked a few times.  I’m always trying […]